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In the world of WebSphere MQ, Nastel is uniquely positioned to offer you everything you need.
Nastel is a global leader in transaction and complex application performance management solutions for WebSphere MQ.  Some of the world’s largest banks, financial services, retail, travel and manufacturing companies rely on Nastel solutions to ensure the successful, timely completion of the critical transactions that drive their business applications and meet crucial service level agreements (SLAs) .
Whether you are looking for a tool to do WebSphere MQ Administration, Transaction Monitoring, Operational Management, or Configuration Management, Nastel has the set of products you need. 
Nastel AutoPilot Supports IBM WebSphere 7.1
Nastel is pleased to announce that the AutoPilot M6 Suite of Application Performance and Transaction Management solutions supports IBM WebSphere MQ 7.1.
One Billion Transactions a Day
Did you know that Nastel AutoPilot ensures the successful completion of over one billion transactions every day? Companies around the world today trust their business applications to AutoPilot. Shouldn’t you?  


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